Information Package for School Board Elections

Updated 7 mos ago

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Notice of Election (issued by Elections Yukon)

Education Act Extract (Duties of a Trustee)

Education Act Extract (Education Area)

Charter of Rights and Freedoms Extract (Sec 23)

School Board Election Backgrounder

School Board Election Press Release

Elections Yukon Contact Sheet

General Information


Form 102 - Guide for Candidates

Form 100 (a) (D-1) - Nomination Paper

Form 100 (b) - Completing a Nomination Form

Form 100 (c) (B-1) - Statement of Ineligibility

Form 101 (J) - Appointment of Candidate’s Agent

Form 104 - Receipt for Nomination Paper

Form 106 - Candidate Withdrawal Form

Form 301 (I-K3) - Application and Oath of a Qualified Elector for a Mail-in Ballot

Form 302 - Instructions for Voting by a Mail-in Ballot